How it Works

Zhrum is Driven by a Scientific Approach to Human Potential


Your Development Made Simple

Zhrum’s 6 Life Levers provide access to a broad variety of development topics in order for you to discover the quickest and most effective path to realizing and unlocking your potential. Every topic you explore is designed to utilize everyday moments, meaning you do not need to make time for your development as Zhrum will manage it for you.

Family, Friends
& Relationships

Examples Include:

  • Closeness
  • Radiator people
  • Role models
  • Managing conflict
  • Getting buy-in

and many more..

Health, Wealth
& Happiness

Examples Include:

  • Mind and body
  • Sleep
  • Diet
  • Stress
  • Happiness

and many more..

Values, Beliefs
& Behaviours

Examples Include:

  • Core Values
  • Empowering beliefs
  • Self limiting beliefs
  • Understanding our motivators
  • Positive behaviours

and many more..

Personal Growth
& Development

Examples Include:

  • Comfort Zone
  • Strengths and limitations
  • Good habits and bad habits
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Personal branding

and many more..

Focus, Energy
& Effort

Examples Include:

  • Prioritisation
  • Time and life management
  • The law of least effort
  • Balance and Boundaries
  • Saying no, nicely

and many more..

Power, Control
& Influence

Examples Include:

  • Personal power versus positional power
  • Circle of control
  • Self empowerment
  • Personal responsibility

and many more..

The Zhrum Change Engine

Once a topic is selected, you can launch your Zhrum Action Plan. Each plan is built on our Zhrum Change Engine which is designed to duplicate the experience and benefits of working with your own personal coach.

At the beginning of every phase you will be presented with a single clear goal. Then every day during that phase, the Zhrum Change engine will provide you with simple daily tasks that can be easily integrated into your day, specially designed to support the achievement of the phase goal.

Helpful Tips

Plus, you will be provided with helpful tips to further support you in completing your daily task.


In order to challenge you, you will also receive Insight questions and responses designed to help you both test and explore your understanding of your chosen topic.


Finally, you will be able to read short stories stories and experiences that can both inspire and motivate you to take the necessary steps needed.

Driven by a Scientific Approach to Progress

Personalised to You

People like you are better positioned to learn when the topic presented addresses an issue they are currently experiencing and not just one they can identify.

Evolves With You

As you learn and grow, your needs also change and evolve but in different directions and at different speeds. We’ll be there each step of the way.

It is not a “Course”

Knowledge is not enough, to affect real change you need to be coached in applying that knowledge at the right time and in the right sequence.

Part of Your Day

Our time based coaching messages integrate into moments of downtime during your day, enabling you to take actions that integrate into your daily life.

Fully Holistic

While some view Professional and Personal development as distinct, these should be fully integrated, with both our personal and professional lives intersecting every day.

Support & Challenge You

 We provide the right level of challenge and support to push you outside of your comfort zone to facilitate learning, development and personal growth.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Do I need to provide my credit card details to try Zhrum for free?

No, we will only ask you for your name and email address.

Does the free trial period only provide limited or restricted access to the Zhrum platform?

No, during the trial you get full access to all features and content.

How long does the trial period last?

To enable you to fully experience Zhrum we provide full access to our assessment tool, to carry out an audit of your potential and to create personalised roadmap for your development. We then include full access to your first suggested plan (or any plan of your choosing) so that you can start to unlock your potential.

How does Zhrum differ from standard online learning providers?

Zhrum is the first platform to adopt a coaching methodology, instead of the teaching methodology that is typically associated with online learning. Teaching focuses on passing knowledge from teacher to student. The teacher knows something the student does not. The opposite is true in coaching. We believe you are the expert when it comes to your life and your potential. Zhrum’s purpose is to assist you to change in the way you wish and in the direction you want to go, supporting you at every level in becoming who you want to be.

How much of a time investment will Zhrum require of me?

Unlike traditional online learning, Zhrum does not require you to block off significant time in your already busy schedule. Our initial on-boarding assessment takes 10 mins to complete but after that, Zhrum is designed to ingrate with your existing schedule. We send you daily coaching moments that are designed to enable you to reflect on your chosen topic at any time during your day, identifying moments where you explore and develop your abilities.

How long does each Zhrum Action Plan last for?

Each plan spans 15 days and consists of three distinct phases, which build on one another to deliver the biggest impact for the user. Zhrum is not a race! Instead our coaching model is about minimal interactions, designed to introduce new awareness, acceptance, and action over a period to produce real and lasting results.

What if I am not sure how best to unlock my potential or where to begin?

The Zhrum self-assessment is designed to help you identify the specific areas, whether professional or personal, that could benefit from development. On completion of the assessment process, Zhrum will present you with an personalised development roadmap through a variety of topics as they relate to your potential. It will also suggest the best starting point or topic for you to begin your Zhrum journey.

Is Zhrum purely focused on my career potential?

Zhrum’s primary focus is to help you unlock your personal potential. To achieve this it is important that we cover a variety of topics that span both personal and professional development and our assessment process focuses on the areas of your life that need the most attention. We believe that to truly develop your potential, a fully holistic approach is necessary. We must look and consider the complete picture, enabling you to develop all aspects of your life, both personal and profession

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