Team Growth

Through Individual Growth

Empower your employees to identify and overcome the barriers impeding their personal potential while increasing engagement and performance.


Provide more than online courses

Unlike typical online courses, Zhrum is a first of its kind online ecosystem for developing your employee’s future potential by enabling them to identify and explore topics that will make a difference in their lives, both personal and professional. Zhrum takes the role of your employee’s personal development coach; whether they wish to develop their potential to become a better leader or simply desire to be the leader of their own future.

Enable employees to create their development

The first truly self-directed and holistic development platform that coaches rather than teaches your employees to explore and unlock their personal potential. Zhrum enables employees to develop their own personal development roadmap as it relates to their potential, setting topic specific goals and actionable tasks for each selected topic as well as providing tailored coaching messages designed to integrate with their work day and to support their progression.


Support a coaching culture in your organisation

Successful businesses realise that a coaching culture provides a framework that creates greater understanding, deeper connections and stronger networks, allowing change to be integrated more effectively across an organisation and within an individual. A coaching culture helps people at all levels improve employee engagement, empowers people to excel at their tasks, emphasises the importance of personal and professional development, rewards creativity, and helps people take pride in their responsibilities.

Your Employees Empower Your Business


Zhrum enables your employees to first identify areas for personal development and then provide the necessary steps and support to unlock the potential contained within.


Zhrum’s personalised coaching approach enables organisations to develop any hidden potential, improving employee retention and helping to avoid making costly mistakes.


The Zhrum approach takes in the entire picture, enabling your employees to explore and challenge all aspects of their life, both good and not so good, helping them to develop.

Cost Effective

Zhrum is designed to be a fully scalable solution for any organisation, meaning every employee can have access to the coaching process for minimal investment.

Complement or Standalone

Whether you are seeking a standalone service to help develop employee potential or you wish to support an existing coaching programme, Zhrum provides the perfect platform to guide and support both the coach and coachee.

Measurable Impact

Where before, organisations may have struggled to calculate the ROI when it came to L&D spend, Zhrum monitors and reports participants engagement and growth as they proceed along their personalised development journey.

Other Features


Users are awarded Zhrum Badge’s, indicating their skill level and development progress


High-level view of employee engagement, trends and progress to help you shape your Learning & Development requirements.

Individually Managed

Your employees have complete control over their personal journey, with no HR support necessary!

Self Paced

The user controls the engagement intensity to suit their current needs and desires!


As your employees learn and develop, so does Zhrum in order personalise and support their development.

In Time

Whether a Zhrum insight, tip or story, our content is designed to focus on the specific phase that the user is exploring!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Is Zhrum just another employee development tool or course?

No…but we are focused on developing people! What makes is different is that we focus on participants as people and not just as employees. We put their personal needs, aspirations, and goals first, helping them to realise what they are truly capable of achieving. We then build on these achievements, helping them to unlock their full potential.

Is the Zhrum platform hard to implement in a company?

No, we provide access to our platform from a variety of devices and manage the entire process from sign-up to continuous engagement. Designated administrators are provided with access to their company dashboard where they monitor and track the entire process. In addition, we provide companies with the ability to easily trial the platform, insuring Zhrum meets the employee’s and company’s expectations.

How does Zhrum’s pricing structure work?

Zhrum provides a discounted pricing model based on your number of users. Corporate subscriptions are paid annually. Please visit our ‘pricing calculator’ for a cost estimate.

How will Zhrum integrate with our existing employee development programmes?

Zhrum is unlike any traditional learning and development applications, whether classroom based or online. Zhrum is designed to work in the background, developing your employee’s personal potential in the direction that they want. Because each individual controls their personal development, Zhrum is self-driven providing minimal impact on company resources. In most cases, Zhrum becomes a valuable mechanism to help companies to create future learning and development programmes.

Is Zhrum a Management Coaching programme?

No, Zhrum focuses on supporting and challenging users to better understand themselves, expedite their personal growth and development as it relates to their life potential. The topics we cover are often used as a key component in management development programmes to assist participants to better lead themselves and in turn better positively influence and lead others. Zhrum is frequently adopted in conjunction with management development programmes as a key support tool.

Can Zhrum help our managers become better coaches?

The first step in being an effective coach is to better understand yourself, Zhrum will support managers in increasing their self-awareness, self-confidence and emotional intelligence. The Zhrum platform can play a significant role in providing managers with the necessary structure, process, and content to better support them in coaching their people.

How will we know if Zhrum is providing real and measurable value?

One of Zhrum’s leading principles is to always provide impact and measurable value to the participant. We achieve this by first establishing a clear picture of the participants life through our Wheel of Life assessment and then consistently monitor their progression as they progress along their Zhrum development journey. At key points along this journey we regularly assess change and improvement from the user’s perspective. Companies can access group insight reports showing the level of measurable progression.

Is Zhrum participant information available to the company?

Participant information is 100% confidential and is not shared with their organisation. We do make available a full management dashboard which enables companies to track engagement levels and user participation levels. Zhrum analytics also provides valuable insights that can shape future learning & development programmes and create business cases for change.

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