About Us

Knowledge, Passion & Experience

Our mission is to enable as many people as possible to unlock the power of their life potential by providing the challenge and support they need to realize it.


About the Founders

Robert Moorhouse

Robert brings his 35 years of experience working with a variety of organisations, teams, and individuals with the common objective of increasing effectiveness and performance. He has worked with many global businesses, helping them to develop leadership programmes and to build and develop high performance teams.

As a leading and highly accredited executive & business coach, he brings years of extensive experience in delivering sustainable change in individuals. With over 2000+ hours executive coaching to a wide range of professionals, Robert leads the Zhrum content team in its mission to enable as many people as possible, realise their full potential.

Stephen Griffiths

Stephen has had a lifelong passion for human development. Having started his first technology business at the age of 25, he quickly realised that entrepreneurship offered the perfect environment to challenge, explore and push his own capabilities and that of others. While working in and with technology start-ups, and global organisations, he continued to develop his fascination in human development both studying and working with the leading sport, personal and business development experts.

After several years as the CEO of a successful global learning & development business, Stephen helped found Zhrum and is responsible for driving the mission to help as many people as possible unlock their full potential.

About the Team

We could tell you about the Zhrum teams’ years of combined knowledge and expertise in psychology, coaching, human behaviour, performance, sports & nutrition and not forgetting…. technology development. We could tell you interesting anecdotes and tails of the personal conflicts we have experienced, where we failed (often during our 3 years in development & testing) and where we overcame important obstacles, which ultimately cumulated in the creation of Zhrum. We might even inspire and entertain you with stories of the many trials and errors we encountered in our pursuit to better understand the limits of human potential.

But we believe none of that truly matters! What really matters is that;

We are a group of people who are passionate about making a difference in the world, while at the same time creating a business that reflects this very desire. We have worked with leading personal and professional development experts as well as combining established and proven coaching methodology, to offer a unique approach to unlocking potential. With 1000’s of hours of testing, and feedback as well as organisational impact assessments, we know we created something very special! 


The difference we seek could have a major impact on society as a whole. Our goal is to provide the mechanism and support for anyone who is willing to expand their self-awareness in relation to their personal potential. So many of the issues that we face today come from a lack of personal identity, meaning and purpose. However if you understand who you really are and what you are truly capable of, then you become aware of the personal power and positive impact you can have on the world around you. This is our mission!


We never stop learning and are constantly seeking the latest research and insights for developing human potential


We love what we do and we are constantly exploring new and innovative ways to create real and lasting change


We want to create the ultimate user experience that challenges, supports and truly motivates people to change their life

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